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Keep your basement flood free

If you’re a Toronto homeowner who dreads a  basement flooding scenario, it pays to know why basements flood and what the main causes of flooding are.

As for why basements flood, there are different reasons. Most flooding situations are the result of fast snowmelts during the spring or heavy downpours of rain. Remember that basements are usually constructed below ground level and are susceptible to flooding from storm sewer backups, seepage through basement walls, or surface water sources.

You can hire us licensed plumbing company to conduct specialized tests and inspections to help maintain and repair your household plumbing system. We will recommend if you need installing a new backwater valve and a sump pump to safeguard your home from flooding.

Read on for a look at some top tips to help you prevent basement flooding at your Toronto home.

1. Backwater Valve: A backwater valve is a device that can be installed on your home’s internal or external plumbing. It’s designed to prevent water or sewage from flowing back towards your home. In the event that your municipal mainline sewer system and sanitary sewers get backed up, a flap in your backwater valve will close shut. This will prevent any water or wastewater from flowing back towards your home.

2. Sump Pump: A sump pump is a device that gets rid of water that has been collected in a sump basin usually found in basements. As a homeowner, you need to ensure that you get a licensed plumber to inspect your sump pump at least annually. You also need to consider that sump pumps can fail if there’s ever a power outage — a great possibility if there’s a severe storm. It makes sense to invest in getting a sump pump equipped with a battery backup system. That way, your sump pump will continue to operate even when the power goes out.

3. Weeping Tiles: Weeping tiles are porous pipes that serve as a drainage point to get rid of water that has gathered at the base of your home’s footing or foundation. Also referred to as drain tiles or drainage tiles, weeping tiles drain water right into a sump where the collected water can then be eliminated courtesy of a sump pump. It’s important to know if your weeping tiles are not working. If there are problems, the ground around our residence will exhibit pooling water

4. Sewer Service Pipe: When it comes to the sewer service pipe, there is your end of the pipe and there is the city’s end of the pipe. If the water in your kitchen sink takes forever to go down the drain or if you need a plunger to get your toilet to flush, you need to call in a licensed plumber right away. A licensed plumber will use a special camera to determine the extent of your drainage problem. If the clogs, obstructions, or damage is on your end of the sewer service pipe, you will be responsible for fixing it. If the problem is on the city’s end of the sewer service pipe, then the city will need to dispatch staff to perform the necessary repair.

5. Storm Sewer Pipe: A storm sewer pipe is designed to handle rainfall runoff. It is not, however, intended to carry any wastewater or to handle hazardous waste. What can you do to ensure your storm sewer pipe remains in good repair? You should steer clear of pouring things into your storm sewers as well as remove debris, leaves, and other things from the storm sewer drain. As well, you should take hazardous materials like paints, cleaners, and solvents to a hazardous waste collection facility. Pouring them down the storm sewer is a big no-no.

Are you interested in doing more to prevent basement flooding? You’ll help your cause by getting a licensed plumber to install a backwater valve or a sump pump. With the City of Toronto’s Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program, it’s never been easier to get the backwater valve and sump pump you need. The city offers homeowners a subsidy of as much as $3,400 per property to install, among other things, a backwater valve and a sump pump. Dr.Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services is a licensed plumber with 15+ years of experience installing and servicing backwater valves. Leveraging our experience, we’ll help you get the subsidy for equipment to prevent basement flooding. We take on difficult installations, offer expert recommendations, and leave the installation site clean after we’re done.

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