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How To Protect Yourself From Sewer Backup

If you have ever experienced issues with a lot of standing water in your basement after a rainstorm, you may understand how unbelievably frustrating and unsanitary this is. Most people wonder how this water ends up in their home to begin with. Now unless you left the window in your basement open, there is a good chance that you have standing water over your floor drain or the water came up through your plumbing fixtures. This may mean that you are having issues with sewer backup.

Not An Uncommon Problem

Especially during heavy rainstorms, it is not uncommon to see the sanitary sewers become overloaded with more water than it is able to handle. This means that the excess water is going to be pushed towards your sewer line. Meaning that the water is going to end up in your basement and other low-lying drains in that area.  One of the reasons that you need a sewer backup prevention system is because having this sewage-contaminated water come up through your shower, toilet, or drain may cause an unhealthy and potentially dangerous environment in your home.

You Can Protect Yourself

It is possible to protect your home and your loved ones from issues with the municipal sewer backup with a sewer backup prevention system. Not only do these often require a professional to install, but remember that even a small mistake with such unsanitary conditions could lead to a number of different issues. You want someone who has experience in dealing with these situations – this is why it is a good idea to call in professional help during times of sewer backup.

If you are talking to your contractor, it is a good idea to discuss installing a double-, or triple-valve system. These not only come with a significant warranty, but also provide protection against future backup from your sewer. Most systems are virtually undetectable and it is possible to install it right in your front yard.

How Do These Work?

Oftentimes this involves check valves in the sewer line. These will automatically close if the sewer is overloaded and is pushing water toward your home. This means that the sewage-contaminated water is not going to reach your basement. Another benefit from these installations is that even during sewer backup, you are still able to use your household plumbing.

Here is something to remember, you can call a professional today and make an appointment to schedule an installation to prevent the problem from occurring altogether, or you can ask for professional help during times of sewer backup. We certainly know that we would prefer to avoid the mess associated with a backed up sewer.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!