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How to Locate a Sewer Line

Why to Install a Sewer Line

You need to install sewer line to provide your home with a proper drainage system. Sewer lines in your home can become clogged due to various reasons. There are various items which make their way into the sewer line and block them. In order to clean sewer lines, it is necessary to locate them first. There are several signs of clogged sewer lines. Some of the most obvious signs include that gurgling noise in your bathtub and a stinking smell.

How to Locate a Sewer Line

To locate a sewer line is not an easy task. You need to locate sewer line when replacing it. It is also important for home owners to know where the sewer line is because it helps them digging at the right location in case of problems. In order to locate a sewer line, you may get professional help. You may visit your local government office and inquire about maps of your home.

If you are unable to get a map of your home, you may hire a professional plumber for help. A licensed plumber will save you the time to find a sewer line in your home. In order to find a sewer line, a plumber will find the sewer clean out valve. It is usually located near a bathroom or your house exteriors. After finding a sewer clean out valve, a plumber will remove the sewer lid through a flexible metal snake. A snake helps in finding a sewer line when a plumber runs it down the sewer pipe.

What is Drain Snaking

There are some plumbers who use high-quality snakes. In order to add ease and convenience to all plumbing tasks, metal snakes now come with several advanced features. The snake used by a plumber has a small camera which is attached to its tip. This camera will take the footage of the inside of a sewer pipe. By watching this footage, you can identify how far the scope is. It is one of the expensive ways to locate a sewer pipe. However, the process is very efficient because it can help you find the exact location of a sewer pipe.

If you do not want to get any professional assistance, you can locate a sewer pipe yourself. For this you need to find a sewer clean-out. You will find it in your interior bathrooms or outside. Now, remove the lid and insert a plumbing snake into the pipe as far as it can reach. You can locate the sewer line by bending of the snake.

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