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Hot Water Recirculating System

Because of it’s convenience as well as eco friendly nature, many people have realized the importance of installing a hot water recirculating systems in their homes. You will realize the importance of having hot water in your plumbing system constantly when you have one such system. This system pumps water from your heater constantly so that any time there is a need for hot water at a faucet it is readily available. You will therefore end up saving water and energy because you will not necessarily have to wait for water to warm up at the sink or the shower.

The hot water recirculating system is duly installed into your already existing plumbing system and since the process is not too difficult, some people will actually end up doing it for themselves. With the right set of tools and a good instruction manual you will simply so it within no time. After turning off the water heater and closing the valve, you will then need to drain the entire system of any hot water and out of the heater as well.  The next step is for you to disconnect the discharge piping from the heater using a wrench.  Making sure that the flow arrow is pointing towards the discharge pipe; use the plumbers tape to warp the threads of the outgoing pipe on the water heater. Using the wrench again tighten the female connector placing it at the end of the discharge pipe at the pump. Then wrap the threads with plumbers tape and tighten the connection between the pump and the discharge pipe. The pump of the hot water recirculation system has a timer and it needs to be set in such a way that it operates at least half an hour before the first user takes a shower and some 15 minutes before the last usage of the hot water.

In order to ensure a clean run of the hot water recirculating system you will need to run water from a faucet in order to drain the water heater until the faucet stops sputtering in order to make sure there is no air locked up in the system. You will thereafter need to disconnect the supply line from the faucet that is farthest from the heater and place some rubber washers on the side of the sensor adapter before you connect the hot water line back in its place. Just make sure you have washers that are of the same diameter with the plumbing under your sink.

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Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!