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Kitchen plumbing

Kitchen renovations are one of the top home improvement projects for increasing the value of your home. And plumbing system problems have big potential to reduce your home’s value. So when it’s time to renovate your kitchen, including the kitchen plumbing in your plans should be a no-brainer decision.

Kitchen renovation plumbing tips for homeowners

If you’re the hands-on type of homeowner, there are a few DIY sink plumbing and drain jobs you can tackle yourself.

  • Install a new kitchen faucet. Old kitchen fixtures will begin to leak as components wear. They’re also probably outdated, so a new faucet is a win-win for kitchen plumbing form and function.
  • Check your sink drain and fix drain leaks. Water from the p-trap may leak because of loose connections and drain clogs. Tighten up the sink drain hardware, and if necessary, clean the drain line.
  • Replace your old dishwasher. Most dishwashers can be replaced easily. Before you start, don’t forget to disconnect the power to the old dishwasher. Then you can disconnect the wire from the front panel and unhook the water supply line. The rest can be as easy as following the instructions from the new appliance.

Kitchen plumbing system updates for professional plumbers

Larger kitchen renovations require a higher level of skill and specialized tools. Some of them may also require permits. A professional plumbing company will know when a permit is required, and how to make sure your kitchen plumbing system is up to code. Contact an expert when you need to:

  • Replace old pipes. Galvanized pipes are notorious for rust and corrosion. Have an expert check your old pipes and provide you with recommendations and, if necessary, a quote.
  • Address more serious kitchen drain problems. Persistent issues with clogged drains can go much further than just under your kitchen sink. Get your pipes and sewer line checked for clogs, all the way from the house to the sewer line.
  • Move your sink plumbing. Changing kitchen plumbing is more than moving pipes. A plumber will know how to make sure the drain remains properly vented. They can also deal with any unexpected issues that may be uncovered when making changes to an old plumbing system.

Professional plumbing companies invest in expertise and the best tools for the job. If you’re ready to plan your kitchen renovation or plumbing upgrade, start by calling us. We’ll provide our recommendations and a fair estimate for the work.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!