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Plumbing system maintains the inflow and outflow of water and is responsible for water distribution. As this system is extensively used in our daily routine,  due attention should be given to its maintenance. Regular checks and immediate action to solve any issues that may arise would prevent the problem from aggravating further. A clogged drain is one of the most common household problems regarding the plumbing system. Often the drains become clogged due to hair or any other non-biodegradable material that does not allow the water to flow easily out of the drain pipes. The problem grows with time unless you take immediate action to solve the issues of the clogged drains.

Regular Cleaning

Drains should be regularly cleaned whether they are clogged or not. Due to their regular use, some soap residue mixed with a non-biodegradable material could deposit overtime. Of course, you would not want the problem to grow resulting in a fully clogged drain. Therefore, it is wise to take preventive actions to avoid any future inconvenience. Oil and food should not be poured down the drain as these things pose a high threat to clog a drain. Enzymes or washing liquids can be used to clean the drains as they do not damage the pipes and are not harmful if they accidently splash on your hands or face. Acids might damage the plumbing system and can react with the materials clogging the drain. Therefore, they should be avoided. Cleaning the drain using washing powder is also recommended and the hair or any such material can be removed by using special Zip-It tool having teeth that easily clear out any hair that might be clogging the drain. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar accompanied by a flush of hot water can also prove to be an effective remedy for cleaning the clogged drains.

Use the Plunger

It is an old method but it has proved itself to be very effective and highly cost efficient as well. If you feel that the water is not going down the drain properly or it is taking longer than usual, you can use the plunger to unclog the drain. They are easily available at hardware stores in different sizes. Usually ‘Sink Plungers’ are used for clogged drains and they can efficiently unclog the drains by producing suction. Adding some water would help the plunger to work more effectively. The plunger is placed over the drain and pushed up and down to produce suction in order to clean the drain. If plunging does not help then remove the stopper and clean it as it may have hair and soap residue stuck to it.

By following these tips, you can clean the clogged drains in your bathroom and kitchen. You only require some basic knowledge about the working of the plumbing system in your house. However, if you feel that the problem is serious then you might require professional help. Call Dr.Pipe plumbing services as we are better equipped and we would help to prevent further damage to your plumbing system.

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