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It is an incontrovertible fact garbage disposal smells can be some of the worst kitchen odors any one would ever want to encounter at any given time. We all look forward to a clean garbage disposal system that leaves no hint of a smell anywhere around the house. The combination of various food particles that attach themselves to the underside of the rubber guard in the drain as well as the nasty water coming from the dishwasher usually create such a horrible smell that could make your kitchen inhabitable, if not the entire house. When these food particles interact with bacteria, the result is the undesirable odor.

How to Deal With Garbage Disposal Smells

There are simple but very practical ways of dealing with garbage disposal smells that anyone can easily manage to handle.

  • The very first thing you may want to try is cutting a lemon on half and putting it down the garbage disposal to see whether it will take care of the problem.

More often than not it should but if it does not help, then you will need to roll up your sleeves and make your hands just a little dirty. You will need to begin by cleaning and the disinfecting the rubber splash guard.

  • Using a sterile cleaning pad or a toothbrush, lift the rubber flaps one at a time and scrub the underside using a combination of water and bleach or an appropriate kitchen cleaner available in the stores.

In order to prevent the problem of garbage disposal smells you can make it a habit to regularly clean this rubber guards and you can be sure that your stinky issues will have been almost solved.

  • You could also try filling up the garbage disposal to the top with ice cubes and then use a either a stopper or even a plate to cover it up before flipping the switch.

The crushed ice is able to scour the inside of the garbage disposal and make it clean.

  • After ridding your garbage disposal of all the smelly bacteria you then deodorize it with a dose of lime, lemon as well as orange peels.

These fruits release natural citric acid which releases a pleasant odor and all you will need to do after that is to keep up the new habit of keeping the rubber disposal guard clean by scrubbing it as often as you can. If this is done every few weeks you can be sure that you will eliminate any bacteria and in the process you will have rid your kitchen of the foul garbage disposal smells.

If the problem has already appeared, you should better call for a plumber. Hire only renowned and professional contractors like Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services for the job.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!