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Tips For Fixing Leaking Pipes

There are quite a few choices to be made if you have leaking pipes. Finding the source of the leak will determine whether you will try to repair it or call in a professional plumber. Undetected leaking pipes can cause irreparable damage to the surrounding area. The wood will rot from being water logged and if you use plasterboard it will need to be replaced from the water damage. A small leak in the beginning can lead to a large repair bill later on if you do not catch it in time. Read on so you will understand how to find and repair the small leaks and who to call for the larger repair problems.

A lot of leaks happen at joints in the pipes. This is where pipes either connect to each other or to an appliance or plumbing fixture. You can generally fix these types of leaks with a wrench and a few turns. Even if the leak is in the middle section of a pipe it can be repaired fairly easily as well although it requires some special knowledge such as using a metal saw and minor soldering. This is one that if you are unsure of you can consult Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing. We will give you a reasonable estimate on all types of pipe repairs.

In order to fix most leaking pipes it will be necessary to turn off the water supply. The valve for this is found near the water meter in most cases. Start by tightening all the joints, then turn the water back on. If the leak is no longer present your job is done if not , turn the water back off and try to locate the hole or fracture that is in the pipe. Once you have located the culprit you can best decide how to proceed. You can cover small cracks and holes with Teflon tape and add a layer of epoxy. It is important to allow the compound to dry completely before testing it.

You can find these tricks and more on this site offers you a full range of articles, ideas and advice on how best to repair leaking pipes. If the leaks are severe do not hesitate to call us. The plumbers at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing are all certified and the work they perform will be warrantied.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!