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4 Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

5 eco-friendly bathroom designs

 bathroom trends modern bathroom trends There are a number of different bathroom trends that we believe that you should know about. Anyone wanting a modern bathroom is going to find that eco-friendliness and design are going hand in hand, that the consideration for the well being of our planet (and our wallet) is more and more important to customers. These are a few of the different trends that we believe you should at least know about before you ever remodel your current bathroom.

Acrylic bathtub with LED lights

Acrylic bathtub with LED lightsbathtub with LED lights LED lightsIf you are looking for an investment that is not only functional, but practical and stylish at the same time, you need to look into acrylic bathtubs and space saving showers. The design comes from Thailand’s The Bathroom Design Company, and it features a bathtub design with LED lights. In order to offer luxurious, functional, and modern designs, these translucent acrylic bathtubs with ecofriendly LED lights are made to order.

With 360 built-in LED lights, these transparent acrylic bathtubs make for an amazing, beautiful, and unusual bathroom décor. It is ecofriendly because you can save upwards of 60 percent of the water thanks to the contemporary sensory system that controls the water temperature.

Space saving corner shower designs

Space saving corner shower designsSpace saving corner showershower designSpace saving corner designsYou would not believe how many areas of the bathroom go unused. By using these space-saving corner designs, you are fully utilizing your space rather than losing some of it. This is especially useful if you already have a smaller bathroom, but even larger bathrooms can benefit from the added range.

Modern wood and stone bathtub design

Modern wood and stone bathtub designModern wood bathtub designstone bathtub designThere is a reason that stone and wood have become a popular eco-friendly contemporary bathroom design styles. They are able to keep heat well, meaning that you do not have to use as much energy to heat (and keep heating) your bathroom. This authentic look is going to ensure that your bathroom has a very natural feel to it.

Green designs

Green designsGreen bathroomGreen bathroom designsWe have seen that green designs are becoming increasingly popular with people who are looking to remodel their bathroom. You can have plenty of interior space if you go with an ecofriendly style, which means using furniture made from environmentally friendly wood. Alternatively, lighting your bathroom with natural light is a great way to save the environment as well.

Luxury is no longer a dirty word

Luxury bathroomLuxury bathroom designLuxury bathroom styleRemember that luxury is no longer a dirty word for people who want to remodel their bathroom. People do want pleasantly warm towels when they are just stepping out of the shower. Some people assume that luxury means that you want to flaunt wealth, but it means that you are making investments that feel comfortable, think a steam shower, a spa tub, or other fixtures. Having a luxury bathroom means that you are going above the traditional, it does not mean ‘throwing money around’.

The conclusion

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, remember that your plumbing is vitally important. Poor plumbing can mean that you have to redo your entire remodel. Always be sure to opt for a quality provider like Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing to avoid those types of issues.

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You may be interested in:

4 Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

5 eco-friendly bathroom designs

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