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Dry Out a Damp Crawlspace

If there are crawl spaces in your home, you must keep them dry. It is because damp crawlspaces provide breeding for molds and mildews. It can also result in the growth of termites and other vermin that live in the dark, including rats and spiders. Basement waterproofing is preferred by homeowners to avoid these problems.

In order to dry damp crawlspaces, various methods can be used.

First of all, you need to take care of your drainage system. If you often confront the problem of seepage, you must improve your drainage system. By improving your drainage system, you can prevent water from entering your basement. You can prevent the problem of seepage by grading your soil about ½ inches per foot. In order to improve the grade, you can also add more soil. It will definitely help you keep your crawlspace dry.

You can also protect your crawlspaces by insulating your foundation. Insulation will prevent access of air and moisture in your crawlspaces. You can use a tape to insulate seams. There are also other ways to dry out a damp crawlspace. You can cover your crawlspace with a moisture barrier. Moisture barrier is heavy-duty plastic which is about 10 to 20 mm thick. Moisture barrier must be installed very carefully because holes or punctures can make it ineffective. It will work best if there are no gaps or holes.

Moisture barrier can also be created by capping the interior of your foundation wall. Capping is done with a strip of plastic sheet. After this, galvanized flashing is added which is best to combat termites.

Crawlspaces often become damp because of less or no ventilation. In order to dry out a damp crawlspace, you can use an electric fan. When you need to dry out damp crawl spaces, place an electric fan at the opening of crawlspaces. Turn on the fan and run it for five to ten hours. Once you think that crawlspaces have dried, turn it off.

Dehumidifiers are one of the best ways to prevent humidity. There are many people who have successfully tried dehumidifiers to dry out crawlspaces. You will easily find dehumidifiers in the market. You will find several specialized ones, which are manufactured particularly for crawlspaces. The use of a dehumidifier is very simple. You just need to plug in a dehumidifier and allow it to run for several hours. You will definitely notice a reduction in the humidity of your crawlspaces.

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