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Best Drainage Solutions

In today’s modern day household, the drainage systems in your home are essential. They will carry unwanted water away from the home, thus drastically reducing the chances of water damage and flood damage. Most of the Toronto drainage systems that you see mimic nature’s natural drainage systems.

How do these work?

How do draining systems that we see in most homes work? Oftentimes this works by using gravity. The wastewater is guided through a series of pipes. The water continues to travel through these pipes and eventually ends up in the vent stack or main stack that connects to the sewer line, oftentimes these are underneath the foundation of your home.

Depending on where you live, where the water goes once it leaves your property can vary. In some locations, it goes to a waste-water treatment facility, while with others it runs into a septic system.

The Toronto drainage systems in your home may appear simple at first because they use gravity, but these are rather complex. There are three parts to these drainage systems, these include the clean-out vents, traps, and vents.

  • Vents – These allow your drainage system to have some airflow, this means that the water can easily move through the piping.
  • Traps – These are the ‘S’-shaped pipes that you have probably seen before, primarily below your sink drains. These move most of the water while leaving some water behind. The water that is left behind prevents wastewater and sewage from coming back up the line thanks to a constant pressured seal.

The importance of good installation

All parts of the drainage system need to be fully functional for a system to work properly. Without each part of the drainage solution, the draining process itself does not work. Buildups or clogs of any kind in your pipes are going to influence your draining systems performance negatively.

The drainage systems that we use are some of the most effective, yet simple engineering solutions to ensure that sewage and wastewater are properly drained away. If you notice that your system is breaking down completely or not working as it should, a small problem can quickly become a major one. This might lead to waste cleanup, flooding issues, or water damage. If you do notice that you have a problem in your pipes, it is important to call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services to take care of it for you.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!