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Common Floor Drain Problems

Floor drains are used in residential and commercial buildings to drain water. They are connected to the drain system for cleaning. If not maintained properly, floor drains can cause a gamut of problems. People usually do not care about their floor drains until there is a problem. For this reason, floor drains problems have become very common.

The most common floor drain problem is a wet basement. A wet basement also produces a stuffy smell. The continual trickling of water across the floor also results in efflorescence. To treat this problem, you need to find the cause. In most of the cases, a drain plugged with debris is the culprit. In order to deal with this problem, you can purchase various cleaning agents. You may also call a plumber to fix this problem.

Another problem associated with floor drains is the leakage of waste around its exteriors. It often occurs when drains become clogged. Hair, food particles, and trash are the most common causes of clogged drains. If you feel that the floor drains in your house have started to clog, you must call a plumber immediately. If not treated at the right time, clogged drains can result in a gamut of other problems as well. If these floor drains remain clogged for a long time period, they will cause the pipes to overflow. This process is also called pipe crystallization.

If you think that you are facing the problem of pipe crystallization, then you need a plumber who will cut the crystallized matter through a blade. Clogged drains are the most traumatic experience for everyone. Constantly clogged drains in a home can be a nightmare.

A simple process can help you solve a gamut of floor drain problems. You are just required to place a plunger over the drain. Press the plunger down about 15 and 20 times to remove the clog. Wait for a few hours to check results. If this process does not work then try another one. Insert an auger into the drain and unreel it down the pipe. Turn the handle of auger back-and-forth until the clog is removed.

Another way to fix floor drains problems is to pour a solution of copper sulfate into the drain. This process is more effective if you think that tree roots are causing the clog. Be patient when using this method because sulfate will take time to give results.

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