Reasons for Noisy Pipes

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Pipe Noises

Pipe_NoiceMany people complain about noisy pipes in their homes. The different noises people hear in their drain pipes are hammering, banging or squeaking sounds. There are some specific reasons for these noises in drain pipes. You need to understand the real reasons for the noises in drain pipes and then take adequate measures to rectify the noisy pipes. Let’s take a look at the different types of noises in drain pipes and the reasons behind them:

Banging Noise:

Several homeowners complain about banging of pipes when they turn the water tap on. The noise is extremely disturbing and annoying especially when one of the members in the family goes to take a shower while others members are sleeping.

The reason behind these noise pipes is the water pipes in drain are anchored at every 8-10 feet in vertical direction and 6-8 feet in horizontal direction. To stop the banging noise in drain pipes, you need to add extra anchoring form the water pipes. Adding a few straps can help to resolve the problem. If that doesn’t help, you will need to cushion the drain pipes with a rubber blanket.

Modern plumbing techniques have some remedies to combat the water hammer effect. Air chambers and water hammer arrestors device is fitted on the drain pipes to minimize or suppress the hammer noise completely.

Hammering noise:

Homeowners also complain about loud hammering sound when they quickly close a water faucet. The hammering sound is also called as water hammer. There are few simple reasons for hammering sound. The main reason of this noise is the water flow stops in between that causes hammering sound. The main reason of having such noisy pipes is loose fitting of drain pipes. To rectify the noisy pipes, you need to anchor the pipes with some extra straps.

Another reason of such noisy pipes (hammering noise) is the water pressure in your home is above 80 psi (pounds of pressure per square inch). The hammering noise caused by this reason is directly proportional to water pressure, which means higher the water pressure, louder the noise. You need to call a plumber to rectify this problem.

Squeaking Pipes:

Homeowners also complain about squeaking pipes. If you are one of those residents experiencing noisy pipes (squeaking noise) in your home, then upon close observation you will notice that the squeaking noise from pipes is generally from hot water pipes.

The reason behind such noisy pipes (squeaking noise) is hot water pipes have a tendency to expand. When the hot water pipe expands, it starts to rub against the anchoring straps, which causes the noise in drain pipes.

To solve the problem you just need to add a rubber blanket or cushion around the pipe and in between the pipes and straps.

Noisy pipes problems is irritating to live with and difficult to diagnose. You should take immediate steps to solve the noise problem in drain pipes as negligence can lead to further damages, which can lead to higher repair costs.That’s why it’s better to hire only renowned and professional contractors like Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing for the job.

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