Clogged Toilets and Sinks

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Clogged Toilets and Sinks


Clogged toilets and sinks is one of the most common issues faced by Toronto homeowners. And most of them take resort to chemical treatment to tacklethe problem. It might provide temporary relief but in the longer run this cannot help but leave your toilet full of toxins. A safer homemade potion could also be effective to amend your trouble. You can try using baking soda with three cups of boiling water and pour it down the toilet pipe. If you don’t get a cure even after it then there must be a serious blockage in the pipeline below and it is time to look for plumbers in Toronto.

It would be hard to believe but the curiosity of children is one of the reasons of most blockages. Children flush their toys out of curiosity and those consequently get stuck in the pipeline. The clogging sometimes happens due to built up tissue papers. There are two types of water clogging, one is partial and the other one is the full clog. The partial clog makes the commode run slow but the full clog can trouble you severely. Water rises up above the normal level and it tends to overflow. In this situation don’t worry. Most bowls can hold an extra flush. The most severe complication is people instinctually flush again but it becomes nothing but worse. If you have done it, at once lift the ball-float in the tank to temporarily stop the flow until you can turn the water completely off and call a professional plumber.

To get on with the procedure, you need to make prior preparations. Put down towels to avoid any mess. Scoop out the excess water out of the bowl but leave a few inches of water at the bottom. You must use a toilet plunger, a cone shaped septic system to fit in the hole of the bowl. Plunge in the hole repeatedly. The remaining water that you left at the bottom will work here as suction to produce enough pressure to take the blockage out of the sewer pipes. The primitive attempts may not do it, so try it repeatedly.

If the mentioned process does not help you with the desired result go for the instruments like snake (A long flexible steel coil for dislodging stoppages in curved pipes) or a closet auger. These long wired corkscrew tipped septic items are generally very helpful for curved pipes. Feed the pipe with the snake /auger and move it clockwise until it hits the clog. Keep turning the snake as it will either break the blockage or will wind it with the tip of the item, so that you can take it out easily.

After all these efforts the toilet must be clog free. If it does not, you must call plumbers in Toronto to alleviate it.

For the clogging sink the procedure is again the same. Since it is usually scummy hair blocking, you can use the coat hanger or any other household things to reach up to the blockage and remove it by hand. Otherwise use a water plunger. Leave a couple of inches of water at bottom and try to use the suction method. For more pressure you can cover any available overflow valves. If it does not work go for the snake or a closet auger to remove the obstruction.

Don’t just hire any plumbing company that you come across. First of all ensure that the Toronto plumbing company you hire is property licensed and insured. Then check their track record by checking out their testimonials. Ensure that you hire only renowned and professional contractors like Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing for the job.

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