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If we could use one word to describe sewer gas smells – obnoxious! If you though the odor was bad enough and was the only thing you got to contend with, then have it in mind that over the course of time, you may have to deal with related health challenges. The sewer gas problem is one that many households have to live with since most people may not exactly know how to deal with it.  For other people, the sewer gas smell gets so bad that some people have had to evacuate from their current houses. Things become especially bad when it rains and the air conditioner or furnace is operating.

The sewer gas challenge can be a little confusing especially if you have checked the entire plumbing or even had plumbers tell you they can’t understand where the problem could be coming from.  The truth of the matter is that the sewer gas problem may not be extremely easy to solve but then it can be solved somehow. Remember that you don’t have to move house simply because you are unable to take care of the sewer gas problem.  The reason sewer gas is created is usually die to the decomposition of waste materials that happen to be in either public sewer systems or even private septic tanks. Apart from being an overpowering noxious odor, the smell is even said to be toxic and it can even be explosive since it has methane as one of the components. With a good plumbing and drainage system the sewer gas is kept safely inside pipes and any of the gas that goes into the atmosphere is meant to exit somewhere outside the house through vent pipes that come out through the roofs of houses. These are usually air intake vents which are supposed to push air towards the sewer or septic tanks when there is a large volume of water in the drain pipe. This air is replaced by being sucked through the vent in the roof.

The sewer gas smell occurs when plumbing fixture have traps that have gone dry or lost so much water so that the water seal that is in the trap gets broken. The other problem occurs when there cracks in the plumbing system of the drain lines which are often as a result of a water leak.  Such vast amounts of leaks can go on for sometime without being noticed and this could be the cause of the sewer gas smell in your house. A qualified plumber is all you need in order for you to solve the sewer gas problems you face.

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