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As a homeowner in the Toronto area, it’s inevitable that you will eventually need some type of plumbing services.  You want a plumber who you can trust to get the job done in a professional manner and who can provide you will all the services you might need.  What you want to look for when selecting a plumber to work with is one that can handle not just the basic jobs like unclogging a toilet, but the big jobs, the major repairs that you hate to think about but might need some day.  You also want someone who is up to date on the latest techniques that utilize new technology.

Toronto_PlumberBenefits of Video Camera Inspections by Toronto Plumbers

Gone are the days of having to dig up an entire yard or foundation to search for a plumbing issue.  With video camera inspections your plumbing technician can pinpoint the exact location of the problem.  By utilizing this technology not only can your plumber avoid wasted time and unnecessary guesswork, they can help you prevent future problems.  Video camera inspections can be used as a preventative measure to check for plumbing issues.  This can be particularly useful as part of a home inspection prior to purchasing a property.

Hydro Jetting and other Drain and Sewer Services Performed by your Plumber

If a video camera inspection has detected clogs or debris in your pipes, one method that can be employed to clear the pipes is hydro jetting.  In this process your plumber will use high pressure water starting at the base or farthest point of the pipe and will essentially blast it with water.  As the water moves up the pipe line it clears debris, corrosion, roots and other things that can clog your pipes.  This is just one aspect of drain and sewer services.
Your plumber can also install backwater valves to prevent sewer backup in your home, work to fix crack and leaking pipes, and help you with preventative measures to prevent future drain and sewer issues.

Skilled Drain Service and Sewer Line Replacement Plumbers in Toronto

If through a video camera inspection or other means of detection you discover you need a sewer line replaced or repaired, you will want a plumber that knows how to utilize the most effective method for repair.
There are two ways to handle sewer line replacement, traditional and trenchless.

  • The traditional method involves the digging of a trench with a backhoe and removing and replacing the old pipe.
  • The trenchless method requires your plumber to make two cuts at either end of the damaged section of pipe and replace the damaged part of the pipe with hydraulic pipes.

No matter what type of drain or sewer inspection, repair or replacement you need, you’ll want to be sure to hire the best Toronto area plumber.  You’ll find that the professional contractors at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing come highly recommended and are available 24/7 for your regular and emergency plumbing needs.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!