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Save Money on Trenchless Drain Repairs

 A well-built home should have properly laid water and sewer pipes. To avoid damage and recurring seepage problems, timely maintenance is necessary. This, however, can be a costly affair.

Save Money on Plumbing

 Such plumbing jobs require deep digging which can be disturbing for the house inmates. It also creates a lot of mess which seems hard to handle. To make sure this does not happen, you can make use of trenchless pipe repair and replacement. This method should only be carried out by professional contractors who possess all the necessary expertise required for drain replacement.

 This drain repair system is very economical and costs almost half of what a traditional method would. There is no excessive digging required. This means you see no mess in your backyard. Only a couple of small digging patches on the ground need to be taken care of.

 In case you are renovating your property, you might need larger pipes. Or if your system has become quite old, it would need replacement. This system can easily replace the smaller pipes with the ones that have larger diameters. The main advantages of this method are listed below.

  • Landscaped surroundings remain untouched.
  • You can rest assured that there would not be any leakage.
  • The replacement pipes are fully capable of withstanding any ground shifting or movement.
  • The method is very cheap.
  • It does not take a lot of time.

The trenchless drain repair process is not a very complex method. At first, inlets are made at two ends. One is dug out near the main structure and the other at the end of it to create a connection with the water service. A steel split is then pulled from one of the holes. This split tears up the pipes to be replaced and at the same time installs the new ones. It also brings forward the broken pipes in the ground which can then be removed fairly easily. It requires digging of just two holes and the whole drainage system can be replaced.

This system is now becoming the most favored replacement method throughout the city of Toronto. A number of plumbers have now sprung up and are offering such services. However, one should always check the credentials of the plumber or contractor before hiring them. Allow only a professional plumber to operate on such replacements. The process might look easy but a rookie will not be able to handle such a system.

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