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Replace a Wax Ring on a Toilet

Within almost every toilet, is a wax ring that protects the drain pipe seal.  The seal simply holds the place between your toilet and the pipe to guarantee that nothing foul leaks into your bathroom.  This wax ring can last as long as the toilet, but occasionally, due to the toilet moving or some other home shaking event, it could need to be replaced.  Thankfully, the task isn’t very hard, but you should know what you are getting into.

The best way to know if you need to replace your toilet wax ring is to inspect around your toilet to see if it has moved at all.  If your bathroom has unpleasant odors, or a modicum of gross liquids seeping from the back, these are all signs that something is amiss and you are going to need to fix it.

First, turn off the water to your toilet.  The knob should be very obviously behind your bowl.  Flush until almost all of the water is out.  You might find that some of the water won’t leave, but that is fine.  Just use a plunger to push out the remainder.  After all that is done, then it is time to move your toilet.  If you are unsure how to properly and safely move your john, then you really ought to stop reading this and call in the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain & Plumbing.  If you are aware of how to go from here, continue reading.

Once your toilet is off and you are staring at the whole in the ground, remove the prior wax seal with a putty knife, making the area as flat and smooth as possible.  Do the same with the toilet, removing any remainder of wax that might be there.

Apply the new toilet wax ring to the toilet itself, giving it some force to make sure the wax seals in properly.  Screw in bolts and fasteners to the floor side of your toilet, and carefully slip it into place.  This process is the most important as once the toilet is in place, it will not be able to be removed without applying a new wax seal.  Sit down, cementing the wax seal in place and the job is done.  If for any reason you feel the job was not done properly, make sure to call the professionals.”

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