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leaking-pipeOftentimes homeowners do not notice a problem with their pipes until it has become a serious issue. Even if you know that you have a leak, leak detection is important. Toronto leakages repairing can take some time, especially because it is important that you have a certified professional who can ensure that all the issues

How do you detect a leak?

If you do notice that your water usage is far higher than normal, you can do a number of things yourself to facilitate leak detection. These include the following four options:

  • Check the water meter – When no one in your household is using water, look at the water meter. You may have a leak somewhere if you see movement of the small red triangle. If you cannot hear water running and the triangle is moving, you might have an under-home water leak. This is not only going to increase your overall water bill, but will lead to other serious issues as well.
  • A leaking faucet can be fixed – Remember that you might not have to change the entire faucet if you notice that it is leaking. A good investment would be to have a plumber come help with the repairs. Even though some people balk at the cost of a plumber, remember that you are ultimately saving money by preventing the leak from wasting any more water.
  • Test your toilet for leaks – It can be very easy to determine whether you have a leak in your toilet, add some food coloring or some dye in the toilet tank. You have a leak if you notice that the dye leaks into the bowl. This would suggest that the flapper is no longer holding backwater from slowly moving into the bowl. This can waste a great deal of water rather easily.
  • Check the water heater – Especially those water heaters outside of the home or behind the home can be hard to notice. Make sure that you check the area below and around the water heater. Water that leaks from here can cause a great deal of damage, especially because it goes undetected for so long.

If you do notice that you have a leak and realize that you cannot fix it yourself, it is important to call in the professional at  Drain and Plumbing Services. Not only are our plumbing professionals able to resolve issues with water leakages, but they can also ensure that future problems are avoided with preventative maintenance.

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