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Many people make the mistake to assume that they do not need to verify the work that their contractor or  plumber has done. They know that someone walked in and out of their homes or businesses, but they are unaware of what was done and what the actual problem was. To protect yourself from paying twice to get the same problem fixed it is crucial to ensure that you verify everything that your plumber has done step by step . While Toronto plumbers have to abide to strict rules and guidelines there are also those that like to take shortcuts and provide shoddy services for high prices.

Before you are able to evaluate the work that has been done by any Toronto plumber, you will need to understand what the actual problem is. If you are not  getting water in your bathroom pipe, then this could simply mean that the main valve has been turned off  or that there is a burst pipe. The last thing you want to end up doing is paying for the services to get a burst pipe fixed when all that was needed was just to turn on the main valve. If you are getting excessive water or gas bills for example, then this could be due to a hidden leak that will need a professional to find. Once you understand what has to be done, how then can you evaluate the work done by a Toronto plumber?

Understand the Solution

Ask your Toronto plumber to guide you step by step as to what he or she plans to do to find a solution for your problem. Once you  understand the solution, then it will be easy to check what has been done against what he or she proposed to do. A noisy toilet for example can be fixed just by changing the float or replacing the flush valve instead of buying a whole new toilet.

Ask To See the Pieces That Have Been Changed

Once the plumber has changed out pieces that presented problem then ensure that you verify that the replacements have been made with new pieces and not just patches. While you do not want to seem like you are questioning everything that your Toronto plumber is saying you do want to ensure that the materials that you being billed for are in fact the ones you paid for.

Is the Problem Still There?

Before any Toronto plumber leaves after finishing his or her job always check to see that the  issue has been resolved. You should also ensure that no other problem appears due to one issue being fixed. If this happens then this means that the plumber did not provide the best solution for the problem. This will also save you from having to call another professional to fix what one has left behind.

Does Everything Seem To Be In Place

The only way to know that everything has been installed correctly is to fist look at the configuration of the pipes , faucets and tubes before they are changed. This way you will ensure that your Toronto  plumber installed everything correctly.

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