The city of Toronto has a variety of grants and subsidies available for home renovation performed by a City Licensed Plumber. We have a vast amount of experience in filling out the claims for different city program and can accurately assess beforehand if your project is eligible for the rebate.

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The main programs of City of Toronto include:


installation-back-water-valves-on-storm-and-sewer-systems-to-prevent-flood-from-the-city-drain-ba Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program: This program helps you to minimize the expense of installation for the flood protection devices. The devices which are eligible for this subsidy are: back-water valve, sump pump, and pipe severence and capping. The maximum amount of financial help offered by the city is 80% of the invoiced cost up to $3200.


Municipalities around Toronto (Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Pickering etc.) may have their own rebate programs, please call 416 663 4777 for more details.