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The drain pipes in old Toronto homes were mostly made of steel soldered in a lead stub along with a cast iron mold. This configuration is highly susceptible to rust and corrosion. That is why most residents have already replaced their old drains and appliances. However, some still need to get them done. However, it is often put at the back seat due to the hectic nature of plumbing work required.

Also, in newly made houses, if the structure has not been built well, it may lead to severe plumbing problems. Exposure to icy winds can damage the drains and make them useless.

Before undertaking major drain renovationsreplacement, a full survey needs to be done. Professionals should be hired for conducting a thorough inspection of the drains. These experts, aided with cameras, can identify internal damages as well. These should be rectified immediately to prevent further damage.

For carrying out drain replacement, May is the perfect time. By this time, snow has melted and working with the plumbing apparatus becomes easier. Moreover, the temperature is above zero which negates any risk of freezing.

During May, experts can easily excavate the ground to reach the pipes. After the replacements have been done, the landscape can be put back to its original shape. This is, however, difficult in winters when snowfall hinders the process.

Trenchless drain replacement is one of the most used techniques by professional plumbers. It involves digging two holes to replace the drains. Winter is definitely not a good time for this task since pipes expand in cold weather and it becomes difficult to pull out the old drains. The contraction in May provides a perfect time for carrying out this procedure though.

Drain re-lining involves working outdoors and in this process, pipes need to be replaced with newer ones using a simple method. This procedure too is normally avoided in chilly winters since exposure to icy winds leads to water freezing in the pipes. This even poses a threat to the plumbing appliances installed inside your home.

These days, new techniques are being developed which can simplify your work many folds. Only experienced and licensed plumbers should be trusted with such work. These plumbers are highly skilled, know their job, and are well equipped with latest knowledge. They can guide you and suggest appropriate measures to be taken in order to take care of your drainage system.

There can be no control over the weather. However, in case you are looking for drain replacement, make sure that you get it done at the right time. You can enjoy the summers better once your plumbing work is complete by May.

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