Repair Frozen Water Pipes

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Repair Frozen Water Pipes

Frozen Water Pipes Every now and then even the most careful homeowner will have to contend with frozen pipes. You must tackle this development quickly and efficiently or the pipes may well burst. A frozen pipe does not have to end in having to repair or replace the frozen pipes. You can gently unthaw them with gradual heat rises and patience.

You have frozen pipes, what to do is first turn off the water at the main valve. Then you will want to open all the faucets that the pipe sends water to. Now you should put down something to absorb any water that leaks or just incase the pipe does burst. Using a hair dryer work your way from the faucet area backward. As you go down the pipe you will know when you have reached the area that has the ice buildup if you are inside the water will begin to trickle from the faucet.

If the frozen pipes in question is outdoors there will probably be a big chunk of it on the pipe you will have to slowly melt it through. Keep watching the faucet for signs that the water has melted. Once the major ice is off the pipe begin at the faucet again and heat the pipe evenly all the way back down the juncture. You should heal as far down the line as you can safely reach.

Some people can use a torch and get the same results much faster. If time is not an issue you can also wrap the area in a heating pad to gently warm the ice. If you have no other option wrapping the pipe in towels or pieces of cloth and pouring boiling water over them can accomplish the same thing.

Frozen pipes is only one half of the equation you can also have frozen connections. If you try to force the connection with a wrench chances are you will break the coupling. Use some penetrating oil and let stand for a time. Then try using the wrench to gently get the connection moving.

If the frozen pipe does not respond to your attempts then it is time to call in a professional. Dr.Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services has plumbers trained for just such an emergency. They can get your pipes flowing freely once again. It is not uncommon for pipes to freeze below ground they know how best to handle these situations too.

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