How to Clean a Laundry Sink Tub

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 Laundry Sink TubLaundry sink tubs are used by people to soak their garments before washing them in their washing machines. People have also invented several other innovative uses of a laundry sink tub. They use it to bathe their pets or to rinse their muddy shoes. Due to the constant use, different stains build up on the surface of a laundry tub. In order to avoid these stains, it is necessary to clean laundry sink tub.

Laundry sink tub cleaning is necessary because stains from the surface of your laundry tub can transfer to your clothes. For regular cleaning of your laundry tub, you may use a damp cloth or a scrubbing brush. Dip the cloth or brush in warm water and rub it on the surfaces of the tub.

If you want to remove spots and stains from your laundry sink tub, then you can use various materials and mixtures. A mixture of water and vinegar can make a powerful cleansing agent for sink tub cleaning. Just spray the stains with the solution and see the results. This mixture is very effective for the stains caused by hard water.

Soap scum and buildup lime on the surface of a laundry sink tub is the most common problem faced by people. It is not easy to clean soap scum with hot water only. However a powerful cleansing paste made from baking soda and lemon juice can prove to be very effective. Apply the mixture onto the surface of your laundry sink tub and scrub it with a cloth. It is better to apply the mixture directly on the lime build-up or soap scum. Leave the mixture for some time. After waiting for a few minutes, rub the surface with a damp cloth or a rag. The mixture will make your laundry sink tub clean like never before!

In order to clean molds and mildew, you can spray bleach directly on the affected areas. Avoid using chlorine bleach because it is harmful for your hands. Oxygen bleach is a good alternative to the chlorine bleach. It will wipe-off all stains completely. No matter which chemical or mixture you are using to clean your laundry sink tub, you must always use rubber gloves to protect your skin.

Therefore, cleaning hard water stains and molds from a laundry sink tub requires a lot of efforts so it is better to clean it regularly with warm water.

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