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Common Winter Plumbing Problems in Toronto

We live in Toronto.  The winters are cold and summers are short.  Pipes freezing and plumbing problems are very real issues that many of us have had to deal with at some point in our lives.  We love the area though and the scenery is beautiful, so we’re going to hold our ground and deal with the harsh weather when it’s here.  We already need to deal with the shoveling and the poor driving conditions.  Plumbing issues definitely don’t need to be on the list of headaches we have during the winter time…

Winter Plumbing Problems Prevention in TorontoHow to Prevent Outdoor Pipes from Freezing

Pipes that are exposed to the elements are definitely at risk for freezing.  If they’re not directly attached to a very warm building, water freezing in the line is almost inevitable.  It might sound crazy but the easiest thing you can do to help prevent these water lines from freezing and possibly bursting is turning on the faucet.  The slightest trickle will wildly decrease the chances of the pipes freezing as moving water is much slower to freeze.

How to Prevent Indoor Pipes from Freezing

Keep your property warm!  Make sure you have a generator handy in case your property somehow loses power.  By simply keeping the domicile warm, the pipes will not be able to freeze.  If you DO end up losing power and have no way to keep your home or business warm, be sure to turn the faucets on just a trickle, just as you would for the outdoor pipes.  Taking these precautions will guarantee basement flooding prevention.  Keeping your house warm will keep the basement warm enough to stop pipes from freezing and bursting.

Keep a Heater Handy

If for some reason your pipes are starting to freeze, it’s time to break out the big guns.  Get a heavy duty space heater than can sit in the basement on the super cold nights.  Raising the ambient temperature of the basement by just a few degrees can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs you’d have to pony up for when it comes to the damage basement flooding will leave.  Electric heaters are fine but kerosene heaters are better.  They’ll be able to keep running should the power go out.

Flush the Toilet!

Seriously.  Use the john frequently.  If you don’t have to go, just give it a good flush once in a while.  People don’t understand that the toilet pipes can freeze just as easily as any of the outdoor garden plumbing or the indoor sink plumbing.  Older buildings have shallow septic lines, making the pipes more likely to freeze and eventually burst.  Flushing the toilet every hour or two will help prevent more issues.

Let Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Solve Your Plumbing Problems

Dr. Pipe is fully insured and licensed. With many years of experience serving our clients in Ontario, we’ve built a clean reputation. Our workers are also both certified and experienced. Therefore, you can trust us to do it right the first time.

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