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Plumbing and Building Materials

If you are looking to buy quality plumbing and building materials in Toronto, chances are that you want good quality, without having to pay too much. Fortunately, we have a few places listed where you can buy some great materials at a decent price.


Most people have heard of Lowe’s before. It started as a small neighborhood hardware store more than 60 years ago. The philosophy behind Lowe’s was straightforward: deliver the best possible customer service. The first store immediately became a place where customers felt welcome, where they could turn for advice.

Nowadays it is a Fortune 500 company and it has been expanding into Canada for some time now. You can literally find thousands of different products at Lowe’s, with great prices as well. Above all that, it remains a place where customers feel welcomed when they walk through the door. Lowe’s is highly recommended for your quality plumbing and building materials.


RONA has been around since 1939, when the first hardware stores opened Les Marchands en Quincaillerie ltée. This was done in order to get away from a threatened supply chain. They would be able to work around a monopoly, and thus offer more affordable prices.

The focus for RONA remains a satisfied client and a passion for doing the work. This means that when you walk into a RONA, you find that people are passionate about home improvement. This is a great location if you want to find the better plumbing and building materials

Home Depot

Home Depot was founded on the principle that a home is the largest emotional and financial investment that someone can make. This means that you want the best for less when buying for your home. There are 182 stores throughout Canada. You can find upwards of 40,000 home improvement products at the Home Depot stores. The quality is always great, the prices are reasonable and you can even get installation help here.

Using the materials the right away

The right materials mean nothing if you do not have the right expertise to install them. That is why more and more people rely on Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing to help with any installation, maintenance, or plumbing needs. Our qualified professionals are aware of what needs to be done, have seen and done it all, and can help satisfy your demands for your home.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!