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Summers and spring rains bring with them the problem of backing up of water. It often results in overflowing of water and flooding. Toronto Corporation authorities have made constant efforts to ensure that such scenarios do not arise. But, as residents, it is our duty to take care of this issue as well. We must make sure that our lines are not clogged. We should disconnect our weeping tiles from the main sewer. And most importantly, we must install a backwater valve in drainage linesInstall Backwater Valves

A backwater valve is a simple device that normally works in the “open” position. However, if water starts coming back, its gate gets closed automatically. This stops the flow of water from both sides. Thus, in such a situation we have to make use of other sources of water in our homes. A sump pit and pump can be really handy at such a time.

Installing a backwater valve requires prior permits and planning. The City of Toronto has laid down several rules for obtaining a permit. By complying with these rules, one can avail benefit of backwater valve rebate of $3200. It is to be noted that these valves should ideally be installed before the April rains and floods. The snow melts at a rapid rate during this period, which can hinder the installation process.

While installing the valve, the pipes should be functioning properly. Inspecting pipes becomes a difficult task during the winters. The water may be frozen in the pipes and if any heavy instrument is used on pipes at that time, it can lead to breakage. Also, due to expansion of pipes in cold weather, proper clamping can not be done. The connections get loose after normal conditions return. Therefore, make sure you get plumbing work done beforehand to handle such situations.

Although the concrete sets in perfectly during winters, it is difficult to dig it during this time. An experienced contractor can, however, take care of any difficult situation at any given time. It is still better to get plumbing services before the situation goes out of hand.

Installing backwater valves on time before April saves you from potential risks that may occur during the rainy season.

For this complex job, you must ensure that you sign up with a licensed and reliable plumber who can suggest best possible solution for your specific needs and also advise you about money-saving options.

Before April rains start pouring, most of the plumbers are already booked since it is the ideal time for the installation of backwater valves. Ensure that you book an experienced plumber for yourself beforehand too. Proper and timely installation of backwater valve can save you from spending thousands of dollars in repair work later.

If you need a plumber give us a call right now: 416 663 4777 for your free up-front estimate.

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