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People hear that trenchless drain repair can be a tremendous benefit for their plumbing issue – but the concept of trenchless drain repair remains difficult for people to grasp. That is why we are going to go through the concept of trenchless drain repair in a few simple steps. We are moving away from invasive and antiquated plumbing methods and towards a new way of doing things. With a trenchless replacement, you can avoid the traditional hassle of drain repair.Trenchless Drain Repair In Simple Words

Step 1 – Pipes Damage’s Inspection

You must identify the extent of damage before you can repair any damage. That is why inspection comes first. This is done through video inspection that can go through the pipes. By using the video footage to determine the damage, you know exactly what to expect.

 Step 2 – Collapsed Pipe Drilling

It is not possible to run a pipe line on a collapsed/burst pipe. If there is space to drag a cable through the burst pipe, pipe bursting is the best option. This means pulling a new, smaller pipe through the damage pipe. By fracturing the old pipe outwards, you open the area. Both ends of the collapsed lateral pipe need access holes.

Step 3 – Fitting the New Pipe

Small tonnage static pipes bursting is the commonly used method of lateral pipe bursting. To minimize damage and disruption, these often go into secluded spaces. These portable pipe busters are going to open the area.

Step 4 – Hydro Jetting

Even though it is a critical part of the repair work, people often forget about pipe cleaning. This means removing the scales, grease, and debris from the inner lining of the new pipe. By running highly pressurized water through a special nozzle, it is going to remove everything that the water finds in its way. This is also going to remove mud and grease. This means that the new pipe is capable of functioning as it should and is entirely clean for use.

Step 5 – Covering Back Up

While trenchless drain repair involves minimal disruption and minimal digging, it is still important to leave the area as it was. It is important to check whether there are existing lines within the areas that are affected by the new installation. Once the professional is sure that there is no external damage and everything functions as it should, the dug up points are closed and covered.

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