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What is CSST?

The use of Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) is considered a better alternative to the ancient threaded black iron pipes that have always been used for delivering gas to industrial, commercial as well as residential locations. There are a number of advantages that a CSST pipe has over the traditional pipes that have won the hearts of the industry operators. Since if is generally lightweight and also flexible, it becomes much easier to install especially when you consider the fact that it is going to require fewer connections and fittings. It is some of these benefits that help reduce costs for builders and labor for installers.

Beginning from around 1989, there have been millions of feet of CSST piping that has gone on especially in the developed world which is an indication of the increase of the use of CSST. The Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing provides a generally continuous free flowing stainless steel pipe that has PVC covering on the exterior. The coils of CSST are usually air tested for any leaks before installation and it des pretty well in central manifold configuration where home run lines are part of domestic appliances. Since CSST piping is very flexible and is also lightweight, it becomes bent easily thus making rerouting it around any obstacles a walk in the park, reducing the need to make many connections in the process. Users can apply the use of multiport manifold in CSST piping which creates room for any additional appliances in future. CSST pipes are also becoming a safer alternative due to the lack of connections and joints, which are usually potential danger points in the traditional black iron pipes. Even installers and builders who have had to eliminate the use of heavy equipment concur that employee injuries are also eliminated almost entirely.

Other important attributes of CSST include the aspect of affordability due to the reduced cost of the pipes themselves as well as the lower labor costs. The CSST pipe is also strong and flexible and can therefore withstand more pressure, eliminating the need for constant repairs due to leakages on joints and appliance connections. Using a CSST pipe therefore is a safer and cheaper alternative which is very easy to use, with stockists and distributors found all over the place. Even though the initial coat of CSST pipes could appear higher than the traditional black iron pipes, savings on labor costs can go to almost three quarters, which is a fair deal.

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