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Jokey Pumps

You may have heard the terms pressure-maintenance pump and jockey pump before. What are jockey pumps exactly? This is a small apparatus that works alongside a fire pump to offer a complete fire-protection sprinkler system. It can help keep the pressure elevated to a specific level when you are not using the system. This means that the system does not go off randomly, but the fire pump does not have to run all the time. It can also prevent water from rushing into the pipes in case of fire.

How does it work?

If you want to understand how jockey pumps work, you have to understand how the fire sprinkler system works. One of the jockey pumps distinguishing features is that it keeps the water pressure at a consistent level. This prevents the sprinklers from just going off whenever they want. Because there is a natural leakage in the pipes, the water pressure would automatically go down. However, the jockey pump realizes this, and makes sure that the water pressure is back to normal.

Secondly, the jockey pump makes sure that there is no damage to the sprinkler systems if there is water from the fire pump. If there is no pressurized system, there can be relatively low pressure in the sprinkler system. If you begin shooting highly pressurized water through these pipes, it can destroy the system entirely.

The installation of these pumps

Another one of the jockey pumps distinguishing features is the fact that it has three parts – a controller, a motor, and a pump. The two types of pumps that you might see include the regenerative turbine pumps and the centrifugal turbine pumps. There is less maintenance with a centrifugal type, but it is less energy-efficient. Finding the best type of pump for you is going to depend on the size of your system.

The requirements

If you start to look, many places have You can check your local governance to determine what might be needed for you. Some of the regulations that you may have to keep into consideration are the necessary pressure that you have to maintain, how long it should take to re-pressurize the system, and the power for a jockey pump in relation to a system’s size.

Because of the importance of the jockey pump to your sprinkler system, it is important that you have a professional install this for you. Not only is this often mandated, but it is going to prevent you from having a damaged or completely destroyed system later on. Make sure that you call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

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