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Monument crane in Rotterdam NetherlandsNahariya, IsraelThere are some unusual plumbing monuments to be found around the world. Because we very much have an interest in plumbing, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites that you might have never seen before. Even though a few of these might seem similar, the fact that they are spread across different countries should tell you that plumbing might lead to quite a bit of inspiration for people everywhere.

Monument to the gas valves in Kharkov, Ukraine

Monument to the gas valveWithout the supply of gas, Kharkov would have never developed as much as it did. This is representative of the importance of the gas supply for the entire region. Even though it looks straightforward, it does have a large degree of symbolism.

Fire hydrant monument

Fire hydrant monumentThe four-headed hydrant found in Burlington, USA, is not just representative of the importance of fire services, but also represents the importance of the dedication that the men and women who work for the fire department have shown in the line of duty.

Floating Fountains

Floating FountainsMagic faucet at Aquafest, Grand Bend, CanadaYpres, BelgiumThere are an amazing number of these fountains and you can find them throughout the world, from the United States to Canada, to Finland and Russia, to Belgium and Spain. The reason that these are so special is because they provide an amazing visual effect. The fountain actually appears to be floating, despite the fact that it is actually hooked up. Unless you know what you are looking for, you are never going to realize the trick behind it.

Monument to the water supply

Monument to the water supplyFound in Old Town, San Diego, California, United States, this monument is representative of the historic importance of the water supply that once stood here. It really does provide an ‘old school’ feel once you walk throughout Old Town.

“Who Left The Tap On” by Simon McGrath

"Who Left The Tap On" by Simon McGrathThere is an annual Sculpture by the Sea art exhibit during the first three weeks of November in Sydney, Australia. This runs from Tamarama Beach to Bondi Beach. One of the largest attractions to be found here in 2011 was this faucet, a representation of the importance of clean water.

Quality work is also art

Perm, RussiaStockholm, SwedenPlumbing monument While these are considered  remember that actual quality plumbing is its own artwork. The difference in the work delivered by a quality professional and a ‘hobbyist who helps out on the weekends’ can be tremendous. If you have a serious plumbing concern and want to make sure that it is dealt with properly, make sure that you call Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing. Whether this is about merely removing a clog from your toilet, remodeling your bathroom, or coming up with a landscape design for your garden, Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing is able to help you.

You may be interested in:
5 Tips On How To Save Space In A Small Kitchen 

4 Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Top 5 Landscape Architecture Projects

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