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Drain ReplacementNeeding to replace your drain does not have to be difficult anymore. If you opt for Toronto drain relining, you get a no-mess and cost-effective alternative to traditional drain repairs. This non-intrusive method will ensure that drains are back in working order in a fraction of the time, without much of the cost and hassle associated with the traditional drain relining service.

How the process works

People often ask how a Toronto drain relining works. These are the steps that you have to go through in order to reline a pipe:

  • The first thing that happens is that high-pressure water is used to clean any tree roots, silt, and debris from the pipework. After that, a camera is going to be sent down to see where the pipes adjoin to the main pipe. This will help determine where to lateral cut after the liner has been placed and cured.reline a pipe
  • After the camera work and the high-pressure jetting, the professionals will measure the liner to the correct length and it is marked with relevant access points. Different jobs require different types of liner. Some liners are far more flexible than others are. The liner has an inner layer  that has a reinforced plastic outer coating.
  • Professionals pour the resin into the liner. Using a mangle system, the resin is pushed into the entire length. Professionals then insert the impregnated liner into and through the damaged pipe. Once the liner has reached the correct location, an air bag or pressurized air is going to inflate it. This means that it takes on the shape of the existing pipe.
  • Now it is time to let the liner cure, the curing time varies according to temperature.
  • After that, the air is deflated and pulled out through the pipe. This means that there is nothing but a completely new pipe in place.
  • Because it is important to check and check again, a camera goes through again to ensure that there are no issues with the marked area. It is possible to cut any pipe and leave it the way it was.

As you can probably understand, working with a newfound drain relining service not only means that the work is less bothersome, it also means that the work is done much faster. This is ultimately going to make a difference in relates to how long you have to deal with drain problems. It also means that you have a more effective and faster alternative option.

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