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Bathroom Taps and Fittings

For those of you who are at a loss as to what a fitting is it is simply the decorative effects that are included in the bathroom to give it style and appeal. Comfort, beauty and practicality can be combined to make an overall relaxing space. Just as with a woman’s wardrobe accessories make all the difference to a bathroom. Bathroom fittings add tone and character to the space. From the bathroom taps to the towel bar coordination can pull the room together under a common theme. The same holds true for kitchen taps they can be purchased to blend in fully with the theme of the decor.


In this age of modernistic luxury some people tend to look to the past. Bathroom and kitchen fittings from the days gone by can add an artistic flair to any décor. You can get them Handcrafted and made with precious metal overlays or Stainless steel. The regal designs make this type of bathroom tap a great addition to any bathroom. You can get them to fit the bath and sink. Add a matching towel bar and toilet paper holder to give an over all feeling of old fashioned luxury.

Contemporary Fittings and Taps

You can find these in the most modernistic shapes and colors. They are avant-garde in design and have the feel of being from some future time and place. You can get matching taps, showerheads and even the heated towel racks. Most are the new designs that allow you to control the flow of the water with a gentle push. These designs are for the trendsetters and are a breeze to install as well as maintain.

British Designs

A lot of people settle on the antique British designs for their water toilets. They add class to the functionality of the standard or conventional bathroom. You can buy antiques or new recast designs of some of the more sought after styles.

Remodeling can be a real pleasure as you mix and match bathroom taps and fittings. If you are in the market for a more elaborate change and wish to remodel the entire bathroom and plumbing structure call Dr. Pipe Drain and plumbing. We have consultants that will help you redesign the bathroom of your dreams. You will find helpful do-it-yourself tips on everything plumbing. You can ask a question if what you are looking for cannot be found onsite via onsite support services.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!