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Since millions of people who lack sewerage facilities use septic tanks to take care of their sanitation needs, septic tank additive companies rake in millions of dollars in an ever growing market. However, it is important to take note that there are certain septic tank additives that can actually harm your septic tank. Even though these additives are made specifically for the purpose of eliminating harmful bacteria, there are those harmful ones that can cause real damage to your septic system. The result will of course be some costly challenges such as septic drain fields, dysfunction as well as ground water pollution.

It is therefore incumbent on a septic tank owner to make sure they avoid harmful septic tank additives that go beyond their call of duty which is to destroy harmful bacteria. There is plenty of information available regarding the many additives that have a negative effect on the operation of any septic tank systems. You will remember that there are numerous ground water aquifers that need to be jealously guarded from any form of contamination from septic tank additives. When any additives render your septic tank dysfunctional, you could actually be liable to persecution apart from having to incur some expensive repairs which could actually be avoided. Many federal governments provide information therefore regarding which septic tank additives are harmless so as to protect consumers from exploitation by companies whose aim is to make profits without any due regard.  However, it may be much better if homeowners would be able to take good care of their septic tanks so that there would be no need of any septic tank additive. If good care is taken regarding safe water use at home then we would avoid these situations where even the good bacteria get’s killed in the process of septic tank treatment.

Since bacteria is an integral part of the entire septic tank treatment, the use of safe septic tank additives ensures that the bacteria that would otherwise assist in the breakdown of leftover solids is not eliminated by the additives you use. It is therefore important that all homeowners who use septic tanks get a list of what is safe and what is not. You can easily increase the efficiency and activity of your septic tank by using only those additives that are certified to be safe. But the bottom line should be that septic tank additives should not be made an alternative to proper care and maintenance of your septic tank.

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