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Problem of the Lazy Toilet

Nothing really annoys like the aptly named lazy toilet, which is becoming a major problem, especially with the new water conserving 1.6 gallon toilets. There are many reasons why your toilet could end being a lazy toilet but the bottom line is that this is a problem whose solution is never far fetched. This is a problem that must be solved quickly lest it becomes a real cause of embarrassment in the house. Imagine what happens when a guest asks to use the toilet and after flushing the waste simply does not go as it ought to; no one wants to be in that situation.

One major cause of lazy toilets is of course when water does not flow fast enough to fill the bowl in question. This simple problem can be solved by simply checking to find out what the cause is.  Be removing the tank cover and observing what happens when you turn on the handle, you will get the problem. Find out if the cause of your lazy toilet is the valve not staying open long enough for most of the water to leave the tank. If you discover that the flush ball closes too fast, you may have to simply replace it and when you fix make sure that the chain is long enough to allow the ball to close. When it is too long it does not let the valve open far enough or even remain open long enough for enough water to leave the tank. Another common cause of a lazy toilet is when the rim of the bowl or the jet holes is clogged with foreign objects. Using a small mirror you can easily examine those rim holes to see the amount of water that enters the bowls through those holes. More often then not the holes get clogged with mineral deposits especially in areas where the water is generally hard.

Other foreign objects such as labels from the toilet tank deodorizer bottles also find their way to the toilet rims adding to the problem of sink toilet. Many mineral deposits that contribute to lazy toilets can be eliminated by first removing as much water as possible from the toilet bowl. When you have a small amount of water remaining at the bottom you can easily sponge it up after which you can thoroughly dry the bowl and the rim.  By pouring a small amount of white vinegar into the overflow pipe of the tank, you will be able to dissolve any minerals that would be clogging they system.

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Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!