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The Best Time for Preventative House Snaking

Have you been finding backed up water in your sinks and toilets? It may not be a good sign for your pipes. One of the reasons for this could be rootering. It is basically the growth of tree roots in pipes. These roots can clog the pipes gradually over a period of time. In case they get settled , removing them can be a hectic and expensive job.


Snaking the Pipes
To prevent this, ensure that you get snaking of the pipes done at least once a year. If you delay it, you will have to shell out more money for the procedure. Thus, preventive steps become all the more necessary. Trying to do it yourself might complicate the problem. Using acid clog removers can lead to deterioration of the pipes. Even if you are snaking it yourself, you will not be able to do proper scoping before the procedure. Clogs are often located at the junction of your and city’s sewer lines. You cannot operate in such a delicate area. And that is why you should hire a professional for the job.

The Right Time For Snaking
Try getting snaking done around March every year. This is because the weather conditions are perfect at this time of the year. During the winter months, it becomes difficult to snake the pipes. If you can get it done twice every year, it would be even better. It will cost you only about $100 per year. Proper and timely maintenance of your pipes saves you from spending thousands of dollars afterwards.

The snaking process is easy but requires precision and high end instruments. When performed by a certified plumber,the process can be done very quickly and efficiently. It involves attaching blades with a long rope. The so formed “drill” is then inserted into the sewage line. Using scoping, the plumber locates the areas where drilling is needed. Carefully moving the drill further, the plumber ensures that no damage is done to the pipes. Thus, the blades keep chopping off roots or any debris in their path.

As is evident, rootering is a major problem that harms your sewerage system. It does not only damage your pipes but can also harm various appliances installed at home. If the situation gets worse, the procedure gets complicated. In a city like Toronto, it would require deep digging to take care of such an issue. Save yourself from this trauma and get snaking done twice every year without fail. But remember – always get it done in March because of the favorable weather conditions, and hire only a professional for this delicate job.

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