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Plumbing system of a house must be effective in order to ensure efficient water distribution. Problems with the plumbing system are a major annoyance and must be solved immediately. Acting just in time can save you from spending extra cash on replacement of appliances and plumbing parts that might damage due to your negligence. You can follow some plumbing tips in case of emergency to stem the flow of water and prevent it from damaging your property.

Shut off the Main Water Valve

The most important plumbing tip in case of emergency is that you must shut off the main water valve of your house. The first thing that must be done in case of a plumbing emergency is to stop the flow of water or there is a chance that your house might be flooded if a leakage develops. You must know the location of all the water valves in your house in case of an emergency. If you plan to fix the leakage on your own, you must release the trapped water in the pipes after shutting off the main supply. It can be done by opening all the faucets and draining the trapped water. Water heaters must be turned off especially if they run on gas or they might burst.

Call a Plumber – DrPipe: Toronto 416 663 4777

A professional Dr.Pipe plumber can solve a problem regarding the plumbing system in a much better way because we are well equipped and trained for the job. If a problem seems serious then do not experiment with the plumbing system on your own. Call us instead!

You should have the contact details of Dr.Pipe plumbing service in case of an emergency. Our licensed plumbers provide warranty whereas others do not. In the meanwhile, you can take some preventive measure to solve the problem temporarily.

Keep a Tool Box Handy

As a responsible owner, you must be well equipped to deal with an emergency with the plumbing system, as it is prone to develop problems due to its extensive use. A toolbox having the basic plumbing tools must be kept handy for a situation like this. The tools are not very expensive and you can get them at affordable prices from any hardware store in your locality. Your toolbox must have a plunger, pliers and screw drivers. A plunger is essential for removing the clogs in your drainpipes and sinks.

By following these plumbing tips in case of emergency, you can significantly reduce the chances of the occurrence of a major problem regarding the plumbing system of your house. An emergency requires you to take immediate action in the face of a crisis. You can avoid major disasters by being prepared beforehand.

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