Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

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A flooded basement is one of the most expensive issues you can deal with as a homeowner. The average cost is several thousand dollars and depending on the size of your home and the extent of the damage can surpass $10,000.  When you know it’s coming, you can prepare for it, we can help you Read more

Toronto Tree Root Grant

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To know more about Toronto Tree Root Drain Grant Rebate Program call: 416-663-4777  The bulk of our service calls deal with backed-up drains in Toronto. There are a variety of reasons why drain gets clogged– one of the main ones is that the drain is filled by a tree roots. If this is the case you Read more


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“Osmaks” was first found in 1992 by Maxim Osadchyi. “Osmaks” incorporates the knowledge and experience of several companies it descended from. Osadchyi Maxim, the second generation of civil engineers, has been in the building field since 1985. After obtaining his degree in civil engineering within the profession of water supply and sewer systems, Maxim Osadchyi Read more

Request a Plumbing Quote

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If you like an immediate upfront estimate on any drain or plumbing needs please gives us a call a right now: 416-663-4777 Mailing Address: 9 Renoak Drive Toronto, ON M2R 3E1 “ View Larger Map Alternatively you can fill out this appointment form and we contact you within 24 hour period.

Welcome To: Plumbing Company in Toronto

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Congratulations! You’ve just found perhaps the best plumbing company in Toronto. Welcome to the world of smart plumbing, brought to you by Dr.Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. Our success in Toronto and rave reviews are due to our customer satisfaction guarantee. We love what we do and no job is too big or too small Read more


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Plumbing FAQs

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There are a lot of common plumbing and draining problems in City of Toronto and area. Some of them can be avoided easily and when done right can save tons of money and time. We try to answer the most common ones and also educate our customers about different plumbing issues from buying an old Read more

Tax Credit

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