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ways of waterproofing the interior of the basement space

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Ask any homeowner who hears that waterproofing the basement is necessary in order to protect the home and one’s long-term investment and you might note just a twinge of panic in the homeowner’s eyes as the question of price comes to mind. ?   The notion of external renovations can indeed be frightening, especially if we start thinking about repairing cracks and chips in the existing foundation of a home. The severity of the issue at hand plays a direct role in overall repair costs, and in some instances, a bit of interior waterproofing can minimize the costs you face when looking to keep your basement environment dry and free of water damage.

There are three ways of waterproofing the interior of the basement space. Below, each method is explored in greater detail:

Plastic Membrane Installation

You can have a membrane that is manufactured out of plastic materials applied to the interior/exterior of the home’s basement. The best place to install the membrane is between the earth surrounding the foundation and the exterior wall surface outside. This membrane often features a pattern that is dimpled, all of which creates an air-like cushion between the wall and earth. The membrane keeps the soil from making contact with the foundation wall. This is an ideal solution for homeowners who cannot otherwise waterproof the home’s exterior due to having:

  • A confined budget
  • Landscaping issues
  • Foundation access limitations

The above solution is best when the flooding risk is minimal and waterproofing the basement will lead to dampness prevention.

Interior Waterproofing: Wall Coating

If you only have a small amount of water getting into your basement, wall coating the area for interior waterproofing is a cost effective means of protecting your home. If the damp soil around the foundation is an issue with seeping water getting in without necessarily flooding the area, waterproof emulsion can be used as a wall covering. This treatment helps prevent the growth of mildew and diminishes the dank feeling your basement might already have due to damp conditions. Bear in mind that when using the waterproofing method may result in the buildup of moisture in the soil outside the walls without the homeowner knowing. The moisture can reach a point where it damages the foundation walls causing them to bow inward and even crack. The later situation may never occur, so as a homeowner you must make a judgment call: Your professional plumber can help you make a decision based on your basement’s condition, your situation, and your funding.

Interior and Exterior Solution: Weeping Tiles

Weeping tiles are an indoor or outdoor solution, although the outdoor solution is far less expensive than an interior install. If you opt for an interior installation, you have to have the floor of the basement, in part, excavated, and you can only make use of this method of waterproofing if there are drainage options that enable the passage of water through the weeping tiles. In turn, the level of saturation may increase and cause problems. On the other hand, you have the option of establishing a catchment pit and putting a in a sump pump for safe water removal.

Get it done right

No matter what kind of waterproofing you require, it is imperative that you tend to your waterproofing needs immediately. The sooner you protect your foundation the sooner you protect your entire home. Even the smallest of leaks can cause significant issues, major damage, and can result in huge insurance claims, bigger premiums, and unwanted damage to personal belongings and property. Do not delay, and get the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services to work on your Toronto home.

Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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