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Basement Water Damage

If you have a basement in your Toronto home, it is important that you know the signs of basement water damage. This is especially true because sometimes the water damage that occurs is so minor that you do not notice until it becomes a serious issue.

This is why regular inspections are important, because not doing so means that leaks could lead to expensive Toronto basement repair necessities. These are some of the signs that we at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services look for when inspecting your Toronto home for water damage.

Mold and mildew

You may have a water problem around a specific area if you notice that there is an unusual odor of dampness around your basement. The musty smell is often because of mold and mildew growing due to the presence of moisture. It could lead to flu-like symptoms for people with allergies.

Wet walls

If you have wet walls in your basement, it could mean that the wall is starting to seep water from the surrounding soil or that pipes in the walls are leaking. This might also be because of a downspouts discharging water close to the house or overflowing gutters. Also, be aware that water can flow through cracks as well.


One surefire sign of basement water damage is rusting fuse boxes and appliances. Because moisture is vital in the rusting process, you know that rust on the inside of your home is a clear indicator of water related issues. It is important that issues with rust are discovered and dealt with quickly before they become even more serious.

Paint problems

If the moisture leaks into your Toronto basement, you are going to notice damage to your paint. The paint on your basement walls will start to change if you have water issues. The extreme moisture may lead to the paint becoming discolored or you might notice that it starts to peel. It is also not an option to paint over the peeling paint or discoloration, because the underlying issue is not going to be resolved. This only lets the inevitable damage build up and become even worse in time.

Rotting wood

One final indicator of moisture problems might be that wood in your basement starts to rot. If you have anything made of wood, wooden beams, wooden furniture, that begins to rot, you need to find the source of the issue immediately. If you do notice wood damage, it is important to ensure that your home is still structurally sound with any damage that might have been done to wooden beams.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!