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Insulate Your Pipes

Maintaining drainage and sewer system of the house is a crucial and costly job. Pipes laid in your home demand special care when the season changes. When the cold weather strikes, water in pipes freezes, making them expand. Due to this, during the winter, pipes are more prone to bursting. People generally insulate the pipes located outside their homes but they forget about those in the attics or crawl spaces. These are prone to icy winds as much as other pipes are.

To prepare pipes for the rough weather, insulation is a must. Insulating material in the form of fiberglass or foam sleeves is easily available in the market. These foam sleeves can be wrapped around the pipes. This prevents water in pipes from freezing .The more insulating material you use, the better it is.

You should make sure that you get this done before September i.e. just before the beginning of winters. This is the ideal time for such a procedure because of normal weather conditions.

You should also make sure that the joints in your pipes are properly sealed. It has been noticed that a gap of even one-eighth of an inch can cause ice blockage. Any professional plumber should be able to fix such leakages easily. Also, before placing any insulating material, make sure that the surface is clean and dry. This is because the insulating material does not stick to a damp and dirty surface. Even if it does, it would come off later which can be problematic.

The problem of insulating material not sticking can also arise due to wrong timing or technique. September is the perfect season for such modifications. Pipe insulation becomes necessary and this is the last time before winters to do it.

Also, you should use thermostat to maintain a favorable temperature inside the house. This way, the heat gets transferred to the pipes as well. Although this might not be very useful, but it will still help to keep water from freezing.

For more on how you can insulate your pipes and prevent them from bursting, consult an experienced plumber today. He can guide you through the procedure, material requirements, and suggest what would be the best long term solution. Make sure that you hire only licensed plumbers who are reliable and won’t dupe you off your money by making you buy costly and unwanted material. Getting help from a professional plumber will give you the needed peace of mind along with quality services.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!