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Washroom renovation after (faucet)

If your bathtub spout is not all it is supposed to be, three things can go wrong with it. First, you can run into a problem with the faucet’s diverter and when this happens your faucet will stop blocking water flow. The water will then continue to flow to the showerhead. On the other hand, it is possible that the interior threads on the spout can corrode, crack, and break where the pipe and spout are attached. The water may even run along the length of the pipe within the interior of the wall. Corrosion can lead to flaking and the loss of the spout’s finish.

The only thing you can do to repair any of the above-mentioned issues is to replace the broken parts. Bathroom renovation is a tricky thing. You can get the parts easily enough at a local home center or hardware store, with a spout running up to $20 or so and the cost of any other parts you need. There are different kinds of spouts to choose from however, and you will want the correct one. In order to know this you have to look at the existing spout. There will either be a slip on spout or a setscrew option for connection.

It may take a flashlight to see a setscrew: This option may be a bit more difficult to repair when compared to the slip on spout option. In the latter you just need a hex wrench to loosen or tighten the screw set. When you see the copper pipe coming out of the wall, you will need to pull the spout off. As you pull, twist the spout and do not be too aggressive; it may cause the pipes to loosen or come apart inside the wall. You can slide on the different replacement spout and then with the hex wrench you can tighten the setscrews as required.

Washroom renovation by Dr.Pipe after

If the spout you are looking at is absent of a setscrew, than you are looking at a spout identified as a screw-on piece. You must move this spout in a counter clockwise direction in order to remove it from its position. If you have a copper pipe that is sticking out from the wall and the pipe features a fitting that is threaded, you can take up a tubing cutter and snip off the fitting before you put on the brand new spout with a slip on feature. If you have steel pipe protruding from the wall, a spout with a screw on feature is required.

A brand new pipe will fit on the old piping flawlessly in some cases, in others, the piping that protrudes from the wall will either be not out to an ideal length or it could be out too far. Sometimes the threads are also subject to extensive corrosion and this makes it impossible to screw on any new equipment.  In the event that corrosion has damaged threading beyond repair, it will require that you take off the old pip and to put a new piece of pipe on that is the proper size. You can get nipples that are short sections of pipe and are often available in increments of one inch. The latter pieces of pipe are all of two dollars in terms of costs so buying a few can prove most efficient in terms of saving you time during a repair.

If you are unsure how to complete the process yourself or just want a Toronto professional, we highly recommend the service staff at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. They have helped many different satisfied customers before.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!