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How to Stop Water Hammer

It’s not only annoying but very frustrating as well; that loud banging noise you hear when you have turned off the water, it’s called a water hammer and the good news is that it can be stopped. Water hammering is usually caused by the build – up of energy of the flowing water which does not have anywhere to go. It is this water that causes the pipes to flex and cause a water hammer in pipes. More often than not it happens when one is using appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines since they literally close their water valves immediately the machine is turned off.

Even though the annoying noise is enough reason to stop the banging of a water hammer, other reasons exist for stopping the annoying menace. You want to prevent wear on flexible pipes as well as soldered copper joints so as to forestall early pipe failure. Some simple steps can be employed to stop water hammering in pipes such as adding some little support to the affected pipes. Another simple procedure would be to simply add a piece of felt that will act as a damper to kill that noise as well as absorb a bit of that resultant force. The felt makes a difference especially in those cases where the hammering caused by a pipe that is anchored too tightly. By listening to the clicks emanating from a pipe when hot water goes through it thus causing expansion, you can easily tell if your pipe is anchored too tightly. The plumbing market nowadays has some water hammer arrestors that one can by and fix especially if the problem is persistent and the simple do-it-yourself solutions fall short of working. These water hammer arrestors isolate an air cushion that successfully absorbs   that extra force that is created when water is shut off suddenly.

These manufactured water hammer arrestors provide a better solution that is more permanent since the in-built piston easily isolates the air. For better effectiveness it is always better to install them as close to the affected area as possible and since most supply lines for dishwashers and other appliances are easily accessible, it should nit create much of a problem. Should you realize that after sometimes the water hammering still goes on, it may be a message to you that your water hammer arrestors could be in need of some maintenance, and you will continue having peace of mind.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!