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It is important to remember that when you want to sandblast a drain pipe correctly, you need to equip yourself with the correct tools of trade. Whereas a sandblaster is a tough piece of machinery used for cleaning up any rough surfaces, you need a little more power in order to clear and unclog drain pipes, especially the power of the water used. People who love to drain a pipe themselves can very easily and conveniently do this simple exercise. Armed with protective gear, the correct grade of sand, a plumbing snake and wet sandblasting equipment, you are set for business.

The first step in trying to sandblast a drain pipe is to try and remove any debris that has clogged the pipe as much as possible.  After you open the drain cover you can then insert the plumbing snake and let it hook up with the clog before you pull it out. It is when you realize that the snake is unable to remove any more debris that you can be begin real the proper sandblasting procedure. Whereas a sandblaster may be an expensive piece of equipment for anyone to try and purchase, the better option would be to look for places where they are rent out in order for you to make a saving as far as costs are involved. Most of the machines will have clear operational instructions so that you read and understand well before putting it into use. You may need to ask from your local stores what the recommended grain of sand for blasting drain pipes you need to use with the device you are going to use.  It is extremely important to be safe during the entire process and that why you must put on protective clothing before you decide to sandblast any brain pipe. After everything is set you can then insert the nozzle of the device into the brain pipe opening and then let the water push the debris, repeating the process enough times until the entire clog has been cleared.

The sand is used to clear any debris that may still be clinging on the internal surfaces of drain pipe. The device is connected to the source of the sand and as long as care is taken to make sure that the pressure is focused on one direction alone, then the internal surfaces of the drain pipe will be cleaned up effectively in just a few seconds. After repeating enough times to clean up the entire drain pipe, then wash the water and debris into the sewer and you will be done with your drain pipe.

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