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Cesspool pumps need periodic maintenance to sustain optimal functionality. With proper maintenance, you can keep your cesspool pump clean and free from clogs. A cesspool is a holding tank for your septic system and it is vulnerable to clogging.

Spring Plumbing Checking

Clogs in a cesspool cause it to fill faster.

When this problem occurs, you need to opt for cesspool plumbing. If you do not know where your cesspool is located, you need a little detective work. An easy way to locate a cesspool pump is to check for hardware. You can detect it easily by discovering exposed main holes.

How to locate a cesspool

There are also others clues which will help you locate a cesspool. The vegetation at the top of a cesspool will look different, and you will not find old trees near a cesspool. A metal detector can also be used to find a cesspool.

The purpose of a  is to deplete the liquid waste into the ground. It is the job of a septic tank to keep solid wastes from entering the cesspool.  By maintaining your septic system, you can increase the life of a cesspool.

To clean a cesspool, you need to pump out the septic tank. Pumping of a septic tank will help you remove solid waste accumulated at the base. You need to pump out your septic tank after every one or two years.

If you find any gap in the tank lid, seal them properly. It will keep groundwater from filling the tank. Check the ground surface for sink holes. If you find any, it indicates that your septic system and cesspool needs professional attention. It occurs when you do not maintain your cesspool and septic system properly.

The use of chemicals also affects the longevity of your septic tank. So, you must avoid flushing heavy chemicals down the drain. If you want to clean your cesspool, you can follow a simple process. For cesspool cleaning, you need to dig up your cesspool. After digging, spade soil from the top of the cesspool. Do not forget to wear protective goggles, gloves and clothing.

To pump out your cesspool, you may hire a licensed plumber. Once the cesspool has been pumped out, allow it to refill. Now remove the top of the cesspool and pour caustic soda. The use of caustic soda is effective because it helps in the breakdown of clogs. Now, pour sulfuric acid to remove organic waste. In the end, cover the cesspool and bury it.

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Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!