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Install a Backwater Valve


Knowing how to install a backwater valve can be useful, but the installation must be conducted by a profession. Professionals have the skills and knowledge to install backwater valve systems without causing harm to your property. If you install backwater valve systems improperly it can lead to many damages to your property and pipes.

Backwater Valve

A backwater valve is a valve which is self-operating. It only allows water to flow from one direction. If your backwater valves are properly maintained then they will prevent any water flow from the opposite direction. This prevents backups from a city sewer system during the rainy months. For those who live in areas prone to floods, this is particularly important. Once you have a professional install backwater valve systems you should clean it every six months to one year. This can be performed by the homeowner once they remove a few screws. Performing maintenance on backwater valves does not require particular skills or tools.

Basement Flood?

Dealing with a basement flood can cause a lot of stress, particularly if that basement flood is the result of sewage backup. Many homeowners do not take the necessary precautionary measures against a flood, but rather, end up cleaning the flood after it has already caused damage. With unpredictable weather patterns and more severe winter months, there is more snow melting than ever before in the winter months, causing additional sewage backups and basement floods. Having a professional install backwater valve systems with your water system has become one of the best measures homeowners can take against excess water and floods.

Professional contractor

By contacting a professional contractor you can take measures against basement flooding or spewing sewage. Professionals who are licensed are the only ones with the skills to know how to install a backwater valve. The most common basement plumbing includes a backwater valve. This valve prevents sewage from public city sewer systems from being backed up into your basement. During the winter months once snow melts or a large rain takes place, sewage lines become backed up. This is the second most common cause of floods in the basement. When you install a backwater valve you can take measures against this. Many towns require professional contractors install these valves. They are equipped with the skills to install a proper cover plate which makes it easy to access the backflow valve. Professional contractors can help you by providing maintenance tips for your valve.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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