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How To Design Your Bathroom Without Mistakes

If you want to design a bathroom without mistakes, you have to consider a few things. But firstly let’s talk about trends in the modern plumbing.

5 Modern Bathroom Trends

There are a number of different bathroom trends that we believe that you should know about. Anyone wanting a modern bathroom is going to find that eco-friendliness and design are going hand in hand, that the consideration for the well being of our planet (and our wallet) is more and more important to customers. These are a few of the different trends that we believe you should at least know about before you ever remodel your current bathroom.

1. Acrylic bathtub with LED lights

If you are looking for an investment that is not only functional, but practical and stylish at the same time, you need to look into acrylic bathtubs and space saving showers. The design comes from Thailand’s The Bathroom Design Company, and it features a bathtub design with LED lights. In order to offer luxurious, functional, and modern designs, these translucent acrylic bathtubs with ecofriendly LED lights are made to order.

2. Space saving corner shower designs

You would not believe how many areas of the bathroom go unused. By using these space-saving corner designs, you are fully utilizing your space rather than losing some of it. This is especially useful if you already have a smaller bathroom, but even larger bathrooms can benefit from the added range.

3. Modern wood and stone bathtub design

There is a reason that stone and wood have become a popular eco-friendly contemporary bathroom design styles. They are able to keep heat well, meaning that you do not have to use as much energy to heat (and keep heating) your bathroom. This authentic look is going to ensure that your bathroom has a very natural feel to it.

4. Green designs

We have seen that green designs are becoming increasingly popular with people who are looking to remodel their bathroom. You can have plenty of interior space if you go with an ecofriendly style, which means using furniture made from environmentally friendly wood. Alternatively, lighting your bathroom with natural light is a great way to save the environment as well.

5. Luxury is no longer a dirty word

Remember that luxury is no longer a dirty word for people who want to remodel their bathroom. People do want pleasantly warm towels when they are just stepping out of the shower. Some people assume that luxury means that you want to flaunt wealth, but it means that you are making investments that feel comfortable, think a steam shower, a spa tub, or other fixtures. Having a luxury bathroom means that you are going above the traditional, it does not mean ‘throwing money around’.

If You Have Kids

Kids in the bathroom

Bathrooms may not be the safest place for a child, but it is not uncommon to find kids playing in bathrooms. Having a funny and educational bathroom design can be great for kids. For an efficient bathroom design for kids, it is recommended that you go through them.

  • Kids love colors and you should too if you plan on making a kids bathroom design. Use tiles of different hues and shades; make the bathroom look like a living rainbow! Bright colors such as orange or yellow will give a vibrant feel to the atmosphere, while green would give a more natural appearance. In all other cases, blue is the way to go. No matter which color you do choose though, the children will jump at joy seeing them every time.
  • A funny and educational bathroom design should contain little shelves with helpful books and colorful images that instill a valuable lesson. Kids can be influenced by anything at a tender age, thus it is important to choose a friendly approach when presenting a bathroom design just for them.
  • Bathrooms exist to help us answer the calls of nature. Likewise, a kid-friendly bathroom design should be created in such a way that the child does not require adult assistance to use the toilet. Self-dependence is an important lesson for young kids to learn, and if you can make a bathroom teach just that, you can proudly call yourself a successful parent.
  • To emphasize more on the previous point, the parents can keep a bunch of handy accessories that can help the child learn better. Stools, toothbrushes, mirrors, etc. can be decorated in fun ways so the child finds more reason to approach them first-hand. Having the child’s name in his or her belongings can also prove to be a good way of memorizing their name and learn spelling.
  • Safety is without a doubt an important asset when making anything for kids. Children are prone to accidents, so being wary of sharp and pointy objects, even slippery bathroom floors, is essential. Double-check everything before finalizing a plan.

If You Have a Small Bathroom

1. Use the right colors

Even though having a bathroom with white or light blue walls is not going to improve the actual size of your bathroom, it is certainly going to tell your brain that you have extra space available. This means that whenever you set foot into your bathroom, it feels far more spacious than it is.

2. Make sure to install proper ventilation

If you are going to use ventilation in your bathroom, why opt for a massive block that detracts from your ceiling space? Instead, opt for a much larger, wide ventilation option and you should find yourself with extra space near the ceiling.

3. How to use the best furniture setup

small bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, it is important that you have all the functionality that you need, without skimping on size. These are just a few suggestions that you can use:

  • Replace the tub – This is going to add a great deal of added space to your bathroom without losing functionality.
  • A larger bathroom mirror – If you have a mirror that goes from the top to the bottom of the ceiling, you will generate the impression that you have a far wider bathroom than you actually have.


Even though you could save some money on materials now for your bathroom renovation, remember that you are going to pay for it in future. If you want to make sure that the results are going to last for years, you should not be afraid to spend more on a high quality manufacturer. If you are going to skimp on expenses now, chances are that you will be looking at another renovation in the near future.

Remember: You Are Investing In Your Future During Bathroom Renovation.

Important Things That Make Your Bathroom.

These are a few of the pointers that we have come across in the years that we have seen people struggle with designing a bathroom.

  • Make sure that you plan is an efficient layout

Even if you have the most spectacular bathroom design in history, you still need to deal with vent stacks, water lines, and plumbing drains. Depending on your floor plan, you usually have a one-, two- or three-wet-wall layout. You will have the shower, toilet, and sink along one wall in the one-wall layout lines. Even though this is the most limiting design style, it is the most cost effective one as well.

  • Focus on your bathroom lighting plan

The bathroom mirror is the most critical area for bathroom lighting. Ideally, you would want both sides of the mirror to have wall-mounted lights, preferably at eye level. In addition to that, you want a light above the mirror. This eliminates shadows, thus illuminating your face from both sides and above

  • Use your tub to make a statement

When it comes to your bathroom’s focal point, your bathtub is an obvious draw. It can affect your decorating style rather powerfully. You can really make a statement with the right type of bathtub.

There are a number of different demands for having a good floor in your bathroom, it needs to be slip-resistant, impervious to water, and hardworking. In addition to that, it also needs to be attractive.

  • Remember to consider your plumbing

Remember that regardless of whether you are installing a brand-new bathroom or having a bathroom renovation done, it is imperative that you remember the importance of the plumbing works. Without that working as it should, chances are that you are going to have serious issues down the road. Avoid those problems, start right from the very beginning, and have qualified professionals take care of your plumbing needs. Always be sure to opt for a quality provider like Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing for plumbing works.

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