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clogged-drainIf you have a clogged sink drain, it may be time to call the professionals. There are many reasons as to why your sink can be clogged, but there are a few things that you can do yourself. With a little practice and a few inexpensive tools, you can make a difference yourself. We will walk you through the entire process on how to unclog your drain.

Get the right tools to start the job

Staring at a sink full of dirty, backed-up water can ruin anyone’s day. However, you do need the right equipment for the job. Without the right equipment, you will be unable to do anything. You will need both a plunger and snake to clear up some of the most stubborn clogs that you encounter. You may also need a good flashlight, rubber gloves, and a bucket or plastic bin that you can fit underneath your kitchen drain line.

Work the plunger

Most people will just use the plunger, while it may work, it is best to use a wet cloth and seal the other sink drain by tightly holding the cloth over it. You need to roll the head of the plunger into the water. Otherwise, you are forcing air into the drain rather than water.

Keep in mind that you should not snake or plunge a drain if you pour drain cleaners into it your sink already. If these splash on your skin, the chemicals can cause serious burns.

Clean the P-trap

Coffee grounds and grease sticking are the most common reasons that clogs occur in the trap arm of the drain and P-trap. If you cannot get rid of them with intensive plunging, you may have to disassemble and clean out the P-trap. Keep in mind that dirty water will flow out – so you need to keep your bucket or pan underneath. It can be difficult to remove the metal slip nuts that you encounter here.

Unscrew the slip nut between the trap arm and P-trap first. Then move down to the nut. If you find that the trap is clogged, make sure to clean it thoroughly. After reinstalling it, test it with warm water. If you find that the P-trap is not clogged or dirty, you want to remove and clean the trap arm.

Calling the professionals

Keep in mind that if you are unable to clear the blockage yourself, you should not hesitate to call the professionals. You may have stuck objects in the pipes or have a clog far down the drain line beyond your reach. In those events, you want professionals to handle the problem for you.

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