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A washbasin can be as simple or as ornately elegant as your preferences and budget allow. This mainstay of the bathroom provides a stylish place to perform the daily rituals of face washing and teeth brushing, as well as important hygienic habits like washing one’s hands after using the restroom. As bathroom fixtures go, the washbasin is usually the most visible, with the toilet off in a corner and the shower and bath behind doors or a curtain. This inclination to steal the design spotlight puts extra pressure on the homeowner looking for attractive bathroom furniture – what’s the best way to go about it?

First, you’ll want to bear in mind where your washbasin is going to be installed. Is it a larger bathroom that will be used every day by the home’s occupants? If so, a wide, deep option will provide the most versatility and keep splashing and spills to a minimum. Is it a smaller guest bathroom or half bath? In this case, a small corner basin, which incorporates a ninety degree angle, can be used for washing hands and still be relatively unobtrusive in smaller spaces. The size of your washbasin should also be in line with the scale of the rest of your bathroom fixtures – too large or small of a sink can look odd when surrounded by differing sizes of bathroom furniture. At this point, it’s also a good idea to consider how much counter space you do or do not want on either side of your wash basin – a small shelf can be hung beside the basin, but some people prefer a ledge built into their washbasin.

The style of your washbasin is also an important factor when deciding on materials. Porcelain or ceramic sinks can be relatively light, and come in models that can be hung directly on a wall or held up by an incorporated pedestal. Heavier materials like premium granite washbasins will need more heavy-duty support, such as a counter, to be installed safely. When selecting the bathroom fixtures for the tap and handles in your new washbasin, be sure the faucet will “clear” the height you’ll need it to in order to be comfortably usable. After making your choice, don’t forget to consider the plumbing necessary for the installation – calling an expert like those at Dr. Pipe drain and plumbing will ensure your home project goes off without a hitch – or a leak, for that matter!

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