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Choosing a kitchen faucet will requires you to keep in mind some important facts.

Think about functionality before aesthetics when choosing a kitchen faucet

Ask yourself first if the ergonomic design, the accessories, the materials and the internal construction of the faucet is exactly appropriate to the kind of use you will put it through. Those are the criteria which will indicate whether the functionality of the faucet is appropriate for your needs. It is perfectly fine to start shopping by looking at the style and the texture of the faucet but you should always check on functionality before closing a deal with the vendor.

Think about how the kitchen faucet is constructed

Start out by examining its neck and spout. Are they angled and located in a way that will be convenient for you, given your physical characteristics. For kitchen sinks, faucets should be high enough to accommodate stacks of dishes. Additionally, if you sometimes fill tall jugs from the kitchen faucet, they have to fit nicely under that fixture. Also consider if the neck is just sticking out far enough for you. A short or long neck will not flow near the center of the bowl. If you want water to flow evenly throughout your bowls, the neck should just be long enough to allow you to center it on your container. If being able to adjust the angle at which water flows is important for you, get a neck that is adjustable in any direction.

Consider whether the accessories included are necessary for your needs.

If the faucet you are eyeing is fitted with a shower ask yourself whether you can really make use of that device. If you use fine sprays of water in preparing your dishes then you will need the shower.

Do you need two separate faucets for hot and cold water

If you live in a temperate country, you definitely could use an extra faucet for your hot water. However if the climate in your area is usually hot, you will probably not want to use hot water often enough to justify having an extra faucet for it.

Do the handles feel right for your hands

You exert less effort with rounded knobs than with the standard handles. Lever-type handles are even more convenient to use since no twisting will be involved when you turn the water on and off. However, the standard design of handles which feature three or four arms gives your kitchen faucet a wider range of water pressures that you can fine-tune.

Durability of materials

The most durable finish for faucets is PVD coating which protects the faucet with multiple layers of metal. The most enduring material is cast brass and the valves recommended by plumbers are ceramic.

At Delta Kitchen Faucets, they have a complete selection of these quality faucets and accessories to choose from.

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